Logically Innovative™
Patient Form Software

Secured Care is today’s most advanced HIPAA compliant web-based software that enables patients to complete your practice’s forms in a simple step-by-step process, electronically sign, and upload photo IDs & insurance cards straight from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our Practice Dashboard interface and system alerts will make securely retrieving all records and managing your patient forms more simple and efficient than you ever thought possible!

The Fully Customizable & Productive Practice Software

Your Patient Forms are as unique as your practice! That is why Secured Care is customized around your needs - no pre-made form templates or effort from your staff is required. Just imagine how your practice will grow and thrive when registering as a new patient or completing and signing any other type of form is quick, easy, and hassle-free!

A few key system benefits ...


Practice Dashboard

An efficient and secure Practice Dashboard will be custom created based upon your needs. Assign staff as administrators, receive alerts, retrieve signed patient forms & files, manage records, send secure form links to patients and more!


Multiform Capable

Whether you have one patient form packet or have created several for each procedure, provider, specialty, or appointment type, you can be assured knowing that all forms, patient records, and features can be managed from one single Practice Dashboard!


Website Integration

Give patients access to complete your forms while visiting your practice website! Secured Care can be integrated into any website within minutes. No host access is required.


HIPAA Compliant

Secured Care is fully HIPAA Compliant. All Patient Information, including Protected Health Information (PHI), Signatures, IDs and Insurance Cards are transmitted and retrieved with bank-level security encryption.

Better for Patients & Practices

Secured Care is a Logically Innovative software that is built for both performance and satisfaction. We’ve outlined just a few advantages for the patient and practice ...

Patient Friendly

Patients can pre-register or complete any of your practice’s forms from home, work, or even on-the-go! No complicated process, need to arrive early, or printing paper forms required.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Make appointment day less stressful! Patients are more likely to enjoy their office visit and be less tense when they can pre-register as a new patient or easily complete any form prior to appointment day.

Save Time & Money

Save valuable time assisting patients, make your practice run more smoothly and on schedule, reduce costs of printing and storing paper charts - all while keeping records in one secure place!

Increase Profitability

No more having to come early or print out paper forms! Greater convenience will attract more new patients and reduce missed appointments. Saving on overhead costs and making your staff more efficient are also great for increasing profitability!

Quality Assurance

Say goodbye to messy, inaccurate, and illegible paper forms. Secured Care enables a more neat and accurate form completion process. You tell us which fields and information are required, and we make sure that submission cannot occur until all required details are provided!

Easy Record Integration

No worries about record integration! Secured Care securely generates patient files that can be seamlessly integrated into every Practice Management Software.

Waiting Room Tablets

If patients receive a last minute appointment or don’t plan ahead, that doesn’t mean you have to revert back to messy, inaccurate, and illegible paper forms. For paperless form completion with Secured Care, simply make a tablet available to patients in your waiting room!

Go Green

Secured Care enables you to create a paperless office and save natural resources. You can feel great about doing your part to make our world a better place, and many of your environmentally conscious patients may certainly appreciate your efforts as well!

Updates & Changes

Change is good and we make it simple! No worries if you need to change your patient form fields, add a new disclosure, or require a new signature field. Simply make the request and we’ll take care of the rest. Most updates & changes are completed the same business day!

Medicis Marketing

A Solid, Secure & Business-Minded Solution Brought To You By Medicis Marketing™

As an industry-leading provider of medical websites, software and online marketing solutions exclusively for the medical industry, your practice can be assured that the Secured Care software by Medicis Marketing was built for reliability, performance and sustained profitability.


The Physicians we work with asked for a new patient registration and form completion process that was simple, secure, and web-based. We have delivered, and they are THRILLED with the results!

Secured Care Development Team